The TEN Acoustics


Prepare yourself for cutting edge, powerful audio in a truly invisible form factor.

TEN acoustics’ line of invisible speakers are built for the discerning customer who values space and flexibility, but also demands the utmost power in their audio experienc- es. say goodbye to audio dead zones and messy cables. say hello to the future of invisible audio.

Home Theatre

Invisible multi channel
home cinema

Lobby & Open Space

Powerful open space sound


Innovative office &
business audio


Connect with your customers

Home Theatre

Your home sets a mood, whether entertaining friends, relaxing after a long day, or watching the latest hollywood blockbuster.

TEN acoustics’ line of vibrational panel speakers deliver 2.1 and 5.1 channel surround sound bring your movies to life, filling your living area without the need to cramp in lots of speakers. Installed easily within any space, including behind walls, within furniture, and even behind paintings, your design and personal aesthetic take center stage. compliment your home theater experience with truly immersive and powerful sound that is easily integrated into any existing setup that can even be controlled via a compatible smartphone.


Whether conducting an important conference call or adding a touch of musical personality to your place of business, you demand the utmost in performance and reliability.

TEN acoustics’ invisible speakers seamlessly integrate into any conference room or business space, providing crystal clear voice and audio performance, removing the need for on-table speakers or cabling. and best of all, their invisible nature ensures that no matter your layout or office aesthetic, they’re a perfect fit.

Lobby & OpenSpaces

Large or small, your lobby or open space provides an important opportunity to connect with your existing or potential customers in a subtle and unique way.

TEN acoustics’ in-surface installation ensures that the speakers remain safely hidden away from tampering while their powerful, space-filling sound can be used to deliver music, announcements or any other information you require.


Breathe new life into your commercial space as you create a memorable and immersive experience for your customers.

A mixture of retail and entertainment, “retailtainment” is poised to change the everyday shopping experience with fun and unique experiences like no other.

TEN acoustics’ invisible speakers compliment your commercial space. Ideal for shops, cruise ships, hotels, event venues and more, the invisible nature of the speakers and space-filling sound eliminate sound gaps and dead spaces. whether installed in a simple single-story environment or a complicated multi-story setup, your commercial space has the potential to become an invaluable tool in reaching your customers.